perjantai 1. toukokuuta 2015

Minne Mennä Tänään? Toukokuu 2015 Geneve-area

Toukokuussa kaikki tapahtumat siirtyvät ulos. Kukkaloisto on parhaimmillaan ja niiden ympärillä on monenlaisia tapahtumia, kylien ja kaupunkien kaduilla on erilaisia toreja ja markkinoita sekä monilla viinitiloilla vietetään avoimien ovien päiviä. Toukokuiset tapahtumat alkavat kotikylän upeilla käsityömarkkinoilla ja jatkuvat Geneven maratonilla. Zemppiä tytsyt! Ihanaa kesänodotusta kaikille <3

Jos olet syntynyt toukokuussa 
saat varmaan lahjaksi pajupillin. 
Sillä kun soitat veisun villin, 
niin Uppis nauraa kihertää. 
Jo niityt, kunnaat vihertää- 
On hurjan, hurjan muhkeaa 
kun lehdet puihin puhkeaa. 

1-3.5 Morges, CFF Halles, Les puces du Design

2.5.15 Mies, Marché artisanal
Le Marché artisanal de Mies prendra cette année place dans le préau de la Maison de Commune durant toute la journée.

2.5.15 la, Geneva Arena, Harlem Globetrotters
Opus One present: The Harlem Globetrotters. From the alley-oop to the slam dunk, they are the precursors of a basketball spectacle that inspires both the young and old.
Klo 18:30
Prices between CHF 65 and CHF 85

2.5 la, Espesses, L’Epesses nouveau en fête
Every year, at the same time, during the first Saturday in May, the winemakers of Epesses and neighbouring communities take pleasure in inviting you for the whole day to discover their new vintage at Epesses.

Thanks to the fixed tasting price and favourable RailAway offers, you can enjoy many features, such as an 1822 140cl Vaudois wine jug, and a lunch of beef on a spit, a Vaud sausage, a piece of "the secret of the strong" cheese from Rougemont and a souvenir glass… so that you can taste this marvellous vintage of appellation Epesses, the vineyard in the heart of Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can also simply buy the special glass just to try the wines from the participating winemakers.

Throughout this beautiful May day, numerous activities will be available for you to try, such as bottling the old-fashioned way and taking a helicopter flight over the vineyards of Dézaley and Epesses. 

02.05. la - 03.05 su, Geneva Marathon
The Marathon offers a route of 42,195 km (26 miles) in the heart of Geneva. The course will take in both town and countryside, allowing the runners to admire the mind-blowing mountain landscapes, whilst discovering the beautiful sights of Geneva: The Jet d'eau (water fountain), the Flower Clock, the Mont Blanc bridge.

3.5 su, Gland, Marché et vide grenier 9-17.00
Marché et vide grenier traditionnel de la Grand-Rue.

3.5. su, Gex, kirpputori Vide-greniers de Gex 9-18.00

2.5 la - 7.6 su, Montreux, Narcissus Festival
During the Narcissus Festival, you have the opportunity to take part in a series of guided tours among the fields of narcissus, in Mont-Pélerin, the Pléiades and Les Paccots. 
For more information: 
Montreux-Vevey Tourisme +41 (0) 962 84 74 or

8.5 pe - 10.5 su, Coppet, Jardins en Fête
Mise en valeur du parc du Château

9.5 la Gland, Brocante gratuite  klo 10-12.00
Les habitants de Gland peuvent amener des objets encore utilisables dont ils veulent se débarrasser entre 9h et 10h à la déchèterie le jour de la brocante. De 10h à 12h, ils peuvent se servir des objets qui les intéressent. Dès 11h45, les objets qui n’ont pas trouvé preneur sont évacués dans les différentes bennes de la déchèterie.

Les objets suivants peuvent être déposés et trouvés à la brocante: meubles, vélos, appareils ménagers, articles de sport, livres, jouets, habits, etc.

9.5 su Aigle, Flavours of Spring market
From 9h to 17h, traders will come to Aigle town centre: regional products, sweets, fruits and fresh vegetables. Musical atmosphere.

Organised by Aigle Tourist Office in association with the local businesses of Aigle-Cité.

10.5 su - 14.6 su, Iris Flower Garden of the castle in Vullierens
From mid-May, irises burst into bloom for four weeks at Vullierens Castle, a fortress transformed into a seigniorial estate in 1706. Sculptures, boutique, art gallery and tea-room. Château de Vullierens

13.05 to - 17.05 la, Geneva, 
Les Rencontres de Genève Histoire et Cité
Université de Genève - Uni Dufour
The University of Geneva and ‘La Maison de l’histoire’ organize the first festival of history in Switzerland, chaired by Kofi Annan and on the theme of ‘Building peace’; during three days, the city will be transformed into a place of discussions and reflections on this theme, under various forms : conferences and debates on peace from the Antiquity to our days and on five continents, a film festival, historic cafés, a book Fair, exhibitions, a concert for peace, educational meetings, the Digital Humanities Salon... Locations: Uni Dufour, Uni Bastions, Maison de la Paix and Cinémas du Grütli
Wednesday: 6 pm Thursday - Saturday: 9 am - 11 pm
Free entrance

16.05 la -17.05 su, Geneva, La Nuit des Musées 2015
Around thirty museums are taking part in the programme, offering visits, workshops, film screenings and many other activities to transport both young and not so young into an astonishing night-time world on Saturday and for a day rich in discoveries on the Sunday.
Saturday: as from 5 pm Sunday: all day

16.05 la -17.05 su Montreux, Freddie for a Day
The Swiss Education Group’s "Freddie for a Day" festival, open to the public, will be anything but boring! Organised by the staff and students of the Hotel Institute Montreux and Swiss Hotel Management School, the festival will be a fun-filled weekend based around the theme of prevention. All benefits raised will be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust to help them in their continued battle to fight AIDS worldwide.
Horaires: sa 11h - 22h30, di 11h - 19h30, Entrée libre
Place du Marché

17.5 su klo. 8-18.00, Morges, Vide Grenier 
Favourite spot of antique dealers, sale and exchange of all sort of things. Halles CFF Morges

22.3 pe - 23.5 la, St Cergue, Flower market, 
Rue de la Gare / Traditional flower market
pe 10=> / la 9 =>

28.3 la - 17.5 su, Morges, Tulip Festival 
(Morges, the Flower of Lake Geneva)
The delightful flower of Lake Geneva is yours for the picking! Every year, Morges greets the return of spring with more than 120,000 tulips decorating the flower banks in Parc de l’Indépendance. In the subsequent months, the gardens of Château de Vullierens present a fabulous collection of irises and lilies. In addition, there is unique exhibition and sale of dahlias on the town’s lakeside streets.

23.5 la - 24.5 su, Vaud's "open cellars"
During the Vaud's "open cellars" period, the Lavaux winemakers welcome the public throughout these two exceptional days, letting it discover or rediscover a region rich in tradition and feelings.

So why not go and try some excellent wines in over 100 cellars, which will open their doors to you. Ready to introduce their best vintages, all the winemakers will be waiting for your visit between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Everybody can taste, buy or order the wines they prefer in their favourite winery, with the possibility of having the wine delivered directly to their home! 

Be smart, go on foot, by train, bus or on a funicular railway and organize your itinerary through the very heart of this terraced vineyard, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A varied and festive programme awaits you. 
Lisätietoja: /

24.5 su, Rolle, Parade Navale
La Ville de Rolle accueille la Parade Navale des Bateaux Belle Epoque. Lisätietoja:

28.05 to, Geneva, Bains District, La nuit des bains
The Quartier des Bains Association, 15 galleries and 4 cultural institutions, aims to encourage and promote contemporary art in the Quartier des Bains area in Geneva, and organizes three “Nuits des Bains” - common openings - in March, May and September.
6 pm to 9pm / Free entrance

29.5 pe - 30.5 la, Montreux, Narcissus Festival
The narcissus is the most symbolic flower of Montreux. The Narcissus Festival has greatly contributed to the reputation of Montreux. From 1897 to 1957, 24 festival editions were celebrated, the highlight being 1954, when the first Eurovision contest was broadcast.
In 2015, there will be 30 floats in the honour of the flower that used to be called “May Snow”.

30.5 la, Nyon, Spring market

30.5 la, Geneve, Day of Open Wineries in Canton Geneva 2015

The wine season has started and we are inviting You to Open Wineries day, in French called Caves Ouvertes, to visit many wineries in Geneva's countryside, taste good wines, have a snack or lunch and enjoy a beautiful day with some entertainment prepared for Your children.

Thousands of visitors are regularly attending this popular event, from 1987, as it is nice to see all the Geneva wine cellars open on Saturday. If You want insider tip, Satigny is a nice place to go with a few wine cellars to visit and wines to taste. After tasting, the wine bottles can be bought as well.

Date: Saturday, 30th May 2015 from 10am to 6:00pm. Some wineries are also open one day before and one day after.

Location: At nearly all (90) wineries in Canton of Geneva. See few examples below.

Price: Free entry to the wineries. Upon buying a glass for 5CHF, You will get free wine sampling in all participating wineries. For a huge interest, it is not possible to have a clean glasses for every person at every winery, that's why You will have Your one glass.
There is also an special offer available from Geneva Tourism: For 73CHF You can get a wine tasting cup for this event, T-shirt, 1 day Geneva Pass and 1 hotel room for one night, with breakfast.

Transportation: There will be free shuttle buses going to wineries. Many people also use bicycles or cars.
Shuttle 1: start from Noirettes, Russin and continues to Russin, Les Tilleuls, Dardagny, Essertines, Noirettes. Goes every 5 minutes from 10am to 7pm. 
Shuttle 2: starts at train station La Plaine-Gare and continues to Russin, Noirettes (the same stop as shuttle #1), Peney-Dessus, Satigny-Gare, Satigny, Taboret, Le Châtelet, Noirettes, Russin, La Plaine-Gare. Goes every 20 minutes from 10am to 7pm.

For train connection from Geneva to Satigny-Gare or Plaine-Gare, visit
For example, train from Cornavin to Satigny-Gare goes on Saturday at 9:46, 10:16, 10:46 and the trip takes 19 minutes. Shuttle 2 then stops at Satigny-Gare.

More information: Call Geneva Office for Promotion of Agricultural Products: +41(0)79 357 85 52.
Or visit Geneva's tourist office. There is not much written on the internet.
There are printed maps of all wineries available at every winery.
List of few Participating Wineries: 
La Cave de Geneve, Rue du Pré-Bouvier 30, 1242 SATIGNY
Domaine Château du Crest, Route du Château-du-Crest 40, 1254 Jussy
Domaine des Molards, Route des Molards 21, 1281 Russin
Domaine du Centaure Claude Ramu, 480, Rte du Mandement, 1283 Dardagny (open only till 1pm).
This list is not exhaustive. Head to any of these wineries and they will help You with further ones.

30.5 la, Rolle, A Coffre Ouvert, 7-17.00
Garden sale from individuals. Be welcome to our "flee market" and discover the treasures presented in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

30.5 la, Villeneuve, Brocante, Marché à coffre ouvert 
klo. 8-16.30 
Plus de 150 vendeurs et 1'500 visiteurs! Vendeurs: Arrivez vers 6h20 du matin: chargez votre véhicule d'objets, meubles et autres bibelots qui vous encombrent ou que vous avez pu récupérer. Inscription obligatoire en ligne. Emplacement de base (PAF): 35.-.

30.05 la, Fête de l'Espoir 2015, 
Centre Sportif Bout Du Monde,
A great free-for-all popular event, with mini-concerts by established artists as well as revelations performing out of the goodness of their heart, plenty of activities for both kids and adults, football and refreshments stands.
Free admission


Marché du boulevard de Grancy, ma ja to 8-13.00,
Produits de l'agriculture, de fromagerie et champignons

Annecy, ruokamarkkinat
vanha kaupunki tiistaisin ja perjantaisin
Annemasse, tiistaisin ja perjantaisin
8-12.00 ruokamarkkinat
Geneve, Plainpalais
isot ruokamarkkinat, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, lihaa, kalaa, mausteita, juustoa ym. 
ti ja pe 6.20 - 14.15
su 8.00-19.00

Geneve, Plainpalais kirpputori
(ke, la ja kuukauden 1. sunnuntai)
klo. 6.30-17.30 (talvi), klo 6.30-18.30 (kesä)
Morges, Grand Rue kävelykadulla
hedelmiä, vihanneksia, juustoa, käsitöitä
ke 8.30 -12.30 / la 8.30 -13.00
keskiviikkoisin ja lauantaisin ympäri vuoden,
ruokaa, käsitöitä
Sauverny, la salle Georges Bonnefoy
keskiviikkoisin 8.00-13.00
hedelmiä ja vihanneksia Portugalista

Marché du boulevard de Grancy, ma ja to 8-13.00,
Produits de l'agriculture, de fromagerie et champignons
Lausanne, Marché aux puces de Chauderon,
torstaisin 9-19, Place Chauderon
Lausanne, Marché des chômeurs,
Place de la Riponne, torstaisin 9-19.00 
Brocantes et divers

Annecy, ruokamarkkinat
vanha kaupunki tiistaisin ja perjantaisin
Annemasse, tiistaisin ja perjantaisin
8-12.00 ruokamarkkinat
Geneve, Plainpalais
isot ruokamarkkinat, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, lihaa, kalaa, mausteita, juustoa ym. 
ti ja pe 6.20 - 14.15
su 8.00-19.00
Montreux, rantakadulla kirpputori 8.00-17.00
Joka perjantai huhti-lokakuussa
Ferney-Voltaire, Centre Ville
Ympäri vuoden, klo 8.00-12.30
Gex, Marche de Gex
Ympäri vuoden, klo 8.00-12.30
Morges, Grand Rue kävelykadulla
hedelmiä, vihanneksia, juustoa, käsitöitä
ke 8.30 -12.30 / la 8.30 -13.00
keskiviikkoisin ja lauantaisin ympäri vuoden,
ruokaa, käsitöitä
Annecy, markkinat klo 8:00-17:00
Kuukauden viimeinen lauantai
Antiikkimarkkinat, Vieille ville, 150 myyjää
Koru-, vaate ja huonekalu valmistajat,
Place des Cordeliers
Taidemarkkinat, Vicenza laiturialueella

Divonne-les-Bains, kirpputori
kuukauden 1. lauantai
Geneve, Plainpalais kirpputori
(ke, la ja kuukauden 1. sunnuntai)
klo 6.30-17.30 (talvi), klo 6.30-18.30 (kesä)
Vevay, Place Robin kirpputori
kuukauden 1. lauantai, koko päivä (maaliskuu-joulukuu)

9 ja 30.5 Villeneuve, Place de la Poste ”konttitori” 
kirpputorimyynti auton takakontista
Kuukauden joka 2. ja viimeinen lauantai 

30.5 la, Château de Rolle, 7-17.00
Kirpputori linnan pihalla

Divonne-les-Bains, sunnuntaimarkkinat pääkadulla
Geneve, Plainpalais
isot ruokamarkkinat, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, lihaa, kalaa, mausteita, juustoa ym. 
ti ja pe 6.20 - 14.15
su 8.00-19.00
Thoiry, sunnuntaimarkkinat
klo 8.00-13.00, Rue Briand Stresemann 
Geneve, Plainpalais kirpputori
(ke, la ja kuukauden 1. sunnuntai)
klo 6.30-17.30 (talvi), klo 6.30-18.30 (kesä)
Aigle, ”konttitori”, College des Omronts 9-17.00
(kuukauden 1. sunnuntai huhti-lokakuussa)
Myynti autoista kirpputori sekä käsitöitä
Rue de Collége 12

31.5 Les puces de Nyon, kirpputori
Kilometrin pituinen kirpputori rantakadulla
Kuukauden viimeinen sunnuntai

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