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Minne Mennä Tänään? -Elokuu 2015-

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Musiikkia, festivaaleja ja ilotulituksia, sitä on Sveitsin kesä! Minulla on ollut ilo viettää pitkän Suomi-loman sijaan, kesää tänä vuonna täällä kotosalla ja en voi valittaa, sillä kelit ovat olleet aivan mahtavat. Kesä on ollut kaikin puolin oikein loistava, olen saanut nauttia monista kivoista tapahtumista sekä olemme harrastaneet kotimaanmatkailua ja nähneet monia upeita paikkoja. 

Elokuun aloittaa Sveitsin kansallispäivä ja eripuolilla järjestetään lukuisia tapahtumia, muutoin kuukausi jatkuu samalla kaavalla: Musiikkia, festivaaleja ja ilotulituksia! 

Elokuu on lomakuukausi ja mekin suuntaamme Suomeen pienelle lomalle, täytyypä katsastaa Helsingin tapahtumat…

Mukavaa lomaa kaikille lukijoille!

Jos olet syntynyt elokuussa,
niin käymme sieniretkellä.

Iltapäivällä, sadesäällä,
sopivalla hetkellä.

Sienisäkkiin saalis voita:
rouskuja ja haperoita.
-Uppo Nalle-

Minne mennä tänään? - elokuu -

1.8 la Sveitsin kansallispäivä

Animations et buvettes seront proposées au centre du village dès 17h. La cérémonie officielle débutera à 19h30: fanfare, cors des Alpes, allocutions, cortège et vin d’honneur réuniront la population jusqu’au bouquet final de la cérémonie d’embrasement du feu par la Jeunesse (22h).

Montreux, Château de Chillon
Outdoor games, folkloric music and laughter are part and partial of the Swiss national holiday celebration, where we will reward the participants in our traditional tournament with a little snack "Made in Switzerland".

Villars-sur-Ollon, Place du Marche
Swiss National Day, the most beautiful of all summer celebrations in Villars. On the programme: grand parade, torch-lit procession, bonfire and fireworks.

1.8 la Le Séchey, Brocante et petit-déjeuner villageois

1.8 la, Annecy Lake Festival, Le Pâquier klo 21.45
On the first Saturday of August, the Bay of Albigny welcomes the biggest pyrotechnic show of Europe… 70 minutes of fireworks in rhythm with music, lights, special effects… 

Born from the great “Venetian style” party of 1860 on the lake in honour of Napoleon III, this event has evolved and integrated all the new technologies of fireworks.

The town, especially lakeside, will once again sparkle with the Lake Fireworks Festival. 1 hours and 10 minutes of non-stop display to appreciate the magical surroundings, the connection between fireworks and music, the entertainment and the public's involvement.

2.8 su International Geneve, Walking tour
One city, one vocation. A cannon tied in a knot, Switzerland’s largest painting on ceramic, a chair for a giant, Chinese monoliths older than life on Earth and many other curiosities await you on this tour. In the midst of green open spaces and centuriesold trees, you’ll be able to discover the history and activity of many of the organisations which symbolise the international vocation of Geneva. 
Dates: sun 16.8 / sun 30.8 
Starting point: Geneva Tourism 11 am.
Price:15 chf

8.8 la Geneva tales and legends, walking tour
The story of the heart of the city, told by an official guide. Surprising tales and legends will be revealed through an entertaining guided tour of the Old Town! With our official guide, enter the fabulous world of myths and legends of Geneva. Along the streets, fascinating stories will be revealed and the mysteries of the Old Town will be unmasked!
Starting point: Geneva Tourism 3pm
Dates: sun 8.8 / sun 22.8 
Price:15 chf

8.8 la Morges, Marché Folklorique, klo 9-14.00
Place de l’Eglise, Rue du Bluard
Ce marché vous propose de découvrir des produits du terroir ainsi que des créations artisanales. Des animations musicales sont à découvrir sur la place de l'Eglise. Petite restauration et boissons disponibles sur place.

8.8 Geneva, The Grand Firework display, klo 22.00
As every year, we all look forward to the display and wonder how it will look. The traditional Geneva Festival firework display takes us on a spellbinding journey for 55 minutes of magic and surprises.
A Breathtaking Panorama - Geneva’s Lakefront Jardin Anglais

9.8 Pregny Alp Festival 11-19.00, Traditional swiss music festival, Commune de Pregny-Chambésy

9.8 Rolle, Guided city tour of Rolle
Back on 800 years of history since the creation of the castle and the birth of the city. One and half to two hours walking tour. Registration at Rolle Tourisme.

Sunday, 9 August 15 / 10:00 
Sunday, 23 August 15 / 10:00 
Sunday, 6 September 15 / 10:00 
Sunday, 20 September 15 / 10:00 
Sunday, 11 October 15 / 10:00 
Sunday, 25 October 15 / 10:00

other dates on request, / CHF 7.- per person / free for children up to 12.

=> 9.8 su Fête de Geneve
Imagine a month of festivities taking place, and to crown it all, one of the world’s most spectacular musical firework displays! Every year 2 million visitors come to enjoy the Geneva Festival. The free concerts for young and old alike take place on four open air stages. Embark on a world tour of flavours with 30 different types of cuisine and experience the thrill of 70 merry-go-rounds!
For more information, visit the website :

Spectacular fireworks, Saturday 8 August, 10 pm
One of the world’s greatest firework displays, the final flourish of the festival, amazes an audience of 500,000. The breath-taking show last 55 minutes and sets the lakeside ablaze. You simply have to see it to believe it!

=> 9.8 Geneva Watch Tour
Geneva photographer, Christian Pfahl, spent a year capturing the different facets of watchmaking DNA present in the landscape of Calvin’s city, and particularly on the Geneva Watch Tour route, mainly in the center of Geneva.From the SIHH flags fluttering in the winter north wind on Mont Blanc bridge to the Grand Théâtre lit up with the splendor of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, via the façades of buildings divided by the names of the big brands spelt out, 24 photographs reflect that which makes Geneva unique in all the world, like so many time zones of visitors from around the globe.
Cite du Temps, joka pvä 9-18.00, ilmainen sisäänpääsy

=> 15.8. la, Nyon, Rive Jazzy
Rive Jazzy is a festival dedicated to traditional jazz, swing and latin or gypsy music. The event is held in Quartier de Rive in Nyon. Lisätitetoja:

15.8 la, St-Cergue, Midsummer, Le Vallon
The Midsummer celebration, which is held on the first or second Sunday of the month of August, is one of the most reputed Alpine festivals. Sung by local poets, this rural celebration combines a religious service, a country-style meal, country music and folk dancing.

=> 16.8 su Ciné Transat, Animations, Perle-du-Lac Park
Free outdoor films by the lake. A chance to watch a movie under the stars while enjoying one of the city’s best outdoor scenery: Lake Geneva. Movies will be playing in its original version.
Thursday to Sunday: between 9.15 pm and 10 pm, depending on the darkness. Free entrance

=> 19.8 Geneve, Music in Summer
Music in Summer is a festival organized by the city of Geneva. During the entire summer, more than thirty concerts will take place in outdoors places such as Cour de l’Hôtel de Ville and Ella Fitzgerald stage in Parc de La Grange. This festival propose classical, jazz and world music with more than 350 artists from here and there. 
Classical and jazz music: 
Normal price: CHF 40 or CHF 30 Reduced price: CHF 30 or CHF 15 Coloured music: free entrance

21.8 pe - 23.8 su, Vevey, Street Artists Festival
The Street Artists Festival brings together some thirty groups of artists who present about 200 shows free of charge during this three-day festival.

The old town of Vevey transforms itself into a vast big top of jugglers, acrobats, contortionists, fire-eaters, mimers and artists from all over the world, performing for the enjoyment of young and old. A jury composed of showpeople and local personalities judges the artists and, at the end of the competition, awards a Gold Cobblestone to the winner. The public is also invited to vote, by awarding the "Special Public Prize". 

On Sunday, the larger shows are presented in the Place Scanavin and neighbouring streets.

The Festival of Vevey has become the rendez-vous that marks the end of the school holidays, a festival for young and old in a convivial and wholesome atmosphere.

22.8 la, Rolle, A Coffre Ouvert, 7-17.00
Garden sale from individuals. Be welcome to our "flee market" and discover the treasures presented in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

22.8 la - 23.8 su, Sainte-Croix / Les Rasses
15th Cross-Border Terroir Festival/ L’Auberson
“Straddling” the French-Swiss border, more than 80 exhibitors from the two countries present their products, in addition to entertainment for children and adults.

22.8 la - 23.8 su, Nyon, Brocante de Rive
Chaque année au mois d'août, le quartier de Rive au bord du lac, donne rendez-vous à tous les amateurs de brocantes et d'antiquités. Depuis plus de 25 ans, des marchands venus des quatre coins de la Suisse y exposent des objets du passé aussi rares qu’insolites.

22.8 la - 23.8 su, Nyon, Pirate's celebration, Animations, Pirates's village, Boat drive on the Nyolue.

=> 23.8.2015, Geneve lakefront, Salt Cinema
For more than ten years, Salt Cinema has been enthralling thousands of film fans each Summer in Geneva. 9 pm.

28.08 - 12.09, Geneva, Bâtie Festival
Concerts, dance, art shows, theater events and other performances are featured throughout the duration of the festival. During 16 days discover international artists or local artists in different places.

28.8 pe - 17.9 to, Geneva Plaine de Plainpalais, Knie Circus
The Knie Circus propose a new show with acrobatics acts and animals show. Prices between 20-75CHF

=> 29.8 la, Vevey, Marchés folkloriques de Vevey
For more than 40 years, the Place du Marché (Market Square) and that of the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall) have been the scene of the traditional folk markets of Vevey. Every saturday, from the beginning of July to the end of August, from 10.00 to 13.00, crowds of people, from Vevey and surrounding areas, as well as tourists from all over the world, have been gathering under the Grenette and in the Town Hall Square, to enjoy the summer warmth and festive atmosphere, while tasting the wines from the local vineyards. The stands are lively and colourful, thanks to groups of musicians and folk dancers all adding to the convivial setting.

By buying a souvenir glass, which has a different motif each Saturday, you can taste the delicious wines from the region and get ready to meet the winemakers of Lavaux and Chablais, cr
aftsmen, dancers or musicians and alphorn players. Lisätietoja:

29.8 la Corsier-sur-Vevey, 33e Course Chaplin
La course pédestre la plus drôle de Suisse attend plus de 800 coureurs cette année. Avec ses nombreuses animations musicales et théâtrales, la course Chaplin rend hommage à Charlie Chaplin qui vécut durant 25 ans à Corsier-sur-Vevey, Park Chaplin, Route de l’Esplanade

=> 22.9 Geneve, Cité du Temps, Tissot 
Official timekeeper of Emotions
Tissot presents an action replay of its long and impressive history of sports timekeeping in a special exhibition. A total of 40 highlight timepieces, teamed with an interactive table presenting the brand’s archives relating to sport, film footage and dynamic sports posters recount this fascinating story. Each chapter shows how a passion for performance and precision continually unites the brand with sport.
Everyday: 9 am to 6 pm / Free entrance

=> 10.01.2016, Geneve, Maison Taval
Becoming Swiss - Ge 200
To coincide with the celebrations of the bicentenary of Geneva’s entry into the Swiss Confederation, the Maison Tavel is examining the mechanisms that enabled the people of Geneva to acquire their Swiss identity. Education, commemorations and the arts have all been driving forces of this assimilation, which finds expression both in the public space and in everyday domestic life.
Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm, Normal price: CHF 5 Reduced price: CHF 3

=> 10.01.2016, Geneva, Espace ExpoSIG
Dans la peau de Hundertwasser
Quartier Libre SIG decided to pay tribute to this Austrian painter who, throughout his life, encouraged and developed, an environmentally-friendly way of living. Across his works and architecture, he attempted to reconcile the human and his environment in the hope of re-establishing a place of living in harmony with nature. The exhibition features Hundertwasser’s visual and architectural works proving his commitment to sustainable development and rejection of conformity. From painting to architecture, Hundertwasser lets the colour burst out, eliminates the straight geometrical line and tirelessly invites vegetation to expand.
Monday to friday: 9 am to 5 pm Saturday to sunday: 10 am to 5 pm. Vapaa sisäänpääsy


Marché du boulevard de Grancy, ma ja to 8-13.00,
Produits de l'agriculture, de fromagerie et champignons

Annecy, ruokamarkkinat: vanha kaupunki tiistaisin ja perjantaisin
Annemasse: tiistaisin ja perjantaisin, 8-12.00 ruokamarkkinat
Geneve, Plainpalais: isot ruokamarkkinat, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, lihaa, kalaa, mausteita, juustoa
ti ja pe 6.20 - 14.15 / su 8.00-19.00

Geneve, Plainpalais kirpputori, (ke, la ja kuukauden 1. sunnuntai)
klo. 6.30-17.30 (talvi), klo 6.30-18.30 (kesä)
Morges, Grand Rue kävelykadulla: hedelmiä, vihanneksia, juustoa, käsitöitä
ke 8.30 -12.30 / la 8.30 -13.00
Nyon, keskiviikkoisin ja lauantaisin ympäri vuoden, ruokaa, käsitöitä
Sauverny, la salle Georges Bonnefoy, keskiviikkoisin 8.00-13.00
hedelmiä ja vihanneksia Portugalista

Lausanne: Marché du boulevard de Grancy, ma ja to 8-13.00,
Produits de l'agriculture, de fromagerie et champignons
Lausanne, Marché aux puces de Chauderon, torstaisin 9-19, Place Chauderon
Lausanne, Marché des chômeurs, Place de la Riponne, torstaisin 9-19.00 
Brocantes et divers

Annecy, ruokamarkkinat vanha kaupunki tiistaisin ja perjantaisin
Annemasse, tiistaisin ja perjantaisin 8-12.00 ruokamarkkinat
Geneve, Plainpalais isot ruokamarkkinat, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, lihaa, kalaa, mausteita, juustoa ym. 
ti ja pe 6.20 - 14.15 / su 8.00-19.00
Montreux, rantakadulla kirpputori 8.00-17.00 Joka perjantai huhti-lokakuussa

Ferney-Voltaire, Centre Ville, Ympäri vuoden, klo 8.00-12.30
Gex, Marche de Gex, Ympäri vuoden, klo 8.00-12.30
Morges, Grand Rue kävelykadulla, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, juustoa, käsitöitä
ke 8.30 -12.30 / la 8.30 -13.00
Nyon, keskiviikkoisin ja lauantaisin ympäri vuoden, ruokaa, käsitöitä
Annecy, markkinat klo 8:00-17:00, Kuukauden viimeinen lauantai
Antiikkimarkkinat, Vieille ville, 150 myyjää
Koru-, vaate ja huonekalu valmistajat, Place des Cordeliers
Taidemarkkinat, Vicenza laiturialueella

Divonne-les-Bains, kirpputori, kuukauden 1. lauantai
Geneve, Plainpalais kirpputori, (ke, la ja kuukauden 1. sunnuntai)
klo 6.30-17.30 (talvi), klo 6.30-18.30 (kesä)
Vevey, Place Robin kirpputori
kuukauden 1. lauantai, koko päivä (maaliskuu-joulukuu)

Vevey, Place du Marché, traditional folk market
Every saturday, from the beginning of July to the end of August, from 10.00 to 13.00

Villeneuve, Place de la Poste ”konttitori”, kirpputorimyynti auton takakontista
Kuukauden joka 2. ja viimeinen lauantai maalis-marraskuussa

1.8 la Le Séchey Brocante et petit-déjeuner villageois

1.8 la Aigle, ”konttitori”, College des Omronts klo 9-17.00 
(kuukauden 1. sunnuntai huhti-lokakuussa)
Myynti autoista kirpputori sekä käsitöitä, Rue de Collége 12
22.8 la, Château de Rolle, 7-17.00, Kirpputori linnan pihalla

Divonne-les-Bains, sunnuntaimarkkinat pääkadulla
Geneve, Plainpalais: isot ruokamarkkinat, hedelmiä, vihanneksia, lihaa, kalaa, mausteita, juustoa
ti ja pe 6.20 - 14.15 / su 8.00-19.00
Thoiry, sunnuntaimarkkinat, klo 8.00-13.00, Rue Briand Stresemann 
Geneve, Plainpalais kirpputori, (ke, la ja kuukauden 1. sunnuntai)
klo 6.30-17.30 (talvi), klo 6.30-18.30 (kesä)

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