torstai 1. toukokuuta 2014

Minne mennä tänään? - toukokuu -

Se on jo toukokuu!!! Monilla on jo kesälomat suunniteltu aikaa sitten ja meidän perheessä aletaan vasta miettimään tulevia lomia. Tuttuun tapaan keräsin tuohon alle toukokuun tapahtumia. Voin suositella Morgesin tulppaanifestivaalia, kävin siellä piipahtamassa viime kuussa ja tapahtumaa ei ole turhaan kehuttu. Tulppaanien määrä on huima ja lukuisat eri tulppaanilajikkeet olivat mielenkiintoista katseltavaa. 

Toukokuu tapahtumakalenteri:

toukokuu - lokakuu, Rossinière, The Kingdom of Cats
Rossinière transforms into a kingdom of cats during summer. Come and have a stroll through the village alleys to visit the exhibition of some thirty handcrafted
cats by professional craftspeople, students or families, and vote for your “King of the Cats”!

1.5. torstai - 4.5. sunnuntai, Geneve, Dance Festival

At the begining of May, libraries, theaters, pedestrian crossings and even private apartments will act as dance floors. The 9th edition of the Festival of Dance offers over 90 dance classes and workshops in Geneva and in the partner communes of Carouge, Meyrin and Vernier. Ballet, jazz, foxtrot, urban dance and even oriental dance: the young and old alike will certainly find something that suits them.

3.5 lauantai 
Rolle,  Pihakirppis 7-17:00
Pelouse du Château, Place des Tilleuls

3.5. lauantai, Epesses, Nouveau Wine Festival
The vintners of the Lavaux wine estates invite you to Epesses village set in the heart of the beautiful terraced vineyards of Lavaux (UNESCO World Heritage) to taste this year’s vintage wine! Participate in traditional wine-bottling activities, board a small train through the vineyards or stroll from one cellar to another after enjoying a highly traditional meal. 

4.5. sunnuntai, Annecy, Les Jardins animés 9-18.00
Port, Menthon-Saint-Bernard 

12th edition of floral garden: come to make your floral market in the port of Menthon St Bernard, scarecrows will guide you up to good bearing...

This exhibition-sale of single day is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet experimented professionals, strictly selected, regularly renewed, among the best horticulturalists, the nursery gardeners, the producers of classic or underestimated plants, the specialists of fruit trees, the beekeepers, the basket makers, the decorators and the planners of garden, and more generally the specialists of your pleasure garden or your kitchen garden.

4.5. sunnuntai, Geneva Marathon 8.30-

The Marathon offers a route of 42,195 km (26 miles) in the heart of Geneva. The course will take in both town and countryside, allowing the runners to admire the mind-blowing mountain landscapes, whilst discovering the beautiful sights of Geneva: The Jet d'eau (water fountain), the Flower Clock, the Mont Blanc bridge. Organised simultaneously with the Marathon, the Half Marathon offers a more urban route of 21,097 km in the heart of Geneva. The course is close to the water and allows you to run alongside the lake, the Rhone, but also gives you the opportunity to admire the inescapable Geneva Jet d'Eau! 

8.5. torstai - 31.05 lauantai, Payerne,  
Early harvest at the abbey church – Multidisciplinary theatre creation
A spectacle combining humor, poetry and artistic performance in the honour of wine in the surprising setting of the Romanesque abbey church. 

10.5. lauantai, Founex Kukkamarkkinat 10-12.00

10.5 lauantai, Vullierens, Jardins du Château de Vullierens avajaiset

11.5. sunnuntai, Rolle, kevätmarkkinat 9-18.00
Pelouse du Château, Place des Tilleuls
- 11.5 sunnuntai, Morges tulppanifestivaalit 

Morgesin kaupunki toivottaa kevään tervetulleeksi ja Parc de l’Indépendancen alueelle on istutettu 300 eri tulppaanilajia ja yhteensä 120 000 tulppaania. Château de Vullierensin puutarhassa on upeat Iiris ja Lilja istutukset. Kuuden viikon aikana järjestetään erilaisia tapahtumia ja ensimmäiset tulppaanit kukkivat huhtikuun puolessa välissä. Rantakadulta voi ostaa Daalioita ja katsella ainutlaatuisia kukkanäyttelyä.

11.5. sunnuntai (Second Sunday in May), Begnins Crowning of the King and Queen in Begnins (VD)
During the so-called May-Day, entirely reserved for children. Crowning of the May Queen and May King on Sunday morning, followed by a procession in the afternoon. 

11.5. sunnuntai - 22.6. sunnuntai, Vullierens,  
Jardins du Château de Vullierens, konsertteja ja erilaista ohjelmaa

17.5. lauantai, Payerne, Spring Market 
Terroir and Crafts Market
Held on the square of the abbey church, this big annual market brings together some fifty exhibitors who sell handcrafted products and terroir specialties.

17-18.5. lauantai-sunnuntai, Mont-sur-Rolle, Open Wine cellar 10-19.00

   The winemakers of Mont-sur-Rolle are found under the same roof, in the common interest, to discover their wines.

Caveau de Mont-sur-Rolle, Rte du Coeur de La Côte
CHF 15,- with a glas for the wine tasting in every wine cellar + free buses

17-18.5. lauantai-sunnuntai, Geneve, Museums at night 2014
Around thirty museums are taking part in the programme, offering visits, workshops, film screenings and many other activities to transport both young and not so young into an astonishing night-time world on Saturday and for a day rich in discoveries on the Sunday. 

Saturday: as from 5 pm,  
CHF 10 and free entrance for children under 18 years old
Sunday: all day / free entrance

17-18.5. lauantai-sunnuntai, Geneva's Games 2014, 
More than 30 sportive disciplines and 4000 young athletes will be present for the Geneva's Games. 

-18.5 sunnutai, Geneve, Nock Circus
Nock CircusThe Nock Circus was created in Switzerland in 1860. The show will present you equestrian acrobatics, hula-hoops, diabolo, audacious jumps and human pyramids. 
Plaine de Plainpalais,
Prices between CHF 27 and CHF 65
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8.15 pm 
Wednesday and Saturday: 3 pm and 8.15 pm 
Sunday: 2.30 pm and 6 pm 

22.5. torstai, Geneve, Nuits des Bains 18-21.00
The Quartier des Bains Association, 15 galleries and 4 cultural institutions, aims to encourage and promote contemporary art in the Quartier des Bains area in Geneva, and organizes three “Nuits des Bains” - common openings - in March, May and September. 

Free entrance.
Bains District, Rue des Bains

Lines: 1, 15, stop Cirque 1, stop Ecole-Médecine 2, 19, 32, stop Musée d'Ethnographie

23.5-24.5 lauantai-sunnuntai, St Cergue, Kukkamarkkinat 10-17.00 Place Sy-Vieuxville

24.5. lauantai, Geneve, Caves Ouvertes 10-17.00

Caves OuvertesMost of Geneva's wineries will be participating to this special day to present wines made from the previous year’s harvest. In addition to wine tasting, most of the winemakers will propose small snacks and animations. Several winemakers will be charging CHF 5 for a glass you can use all day and take home with you.
Free entrance

24.5. lauantai, Geneve, Hope Festival 2014
A great free-for-all popular event, with mini-concerts by established artists as well as revelations performing out of the goodness of their heart, plenty of activities for both kids and adults, football and refreshments stands.  
Paikka: Centre Sportif Bout Du Monde, Route de Vessy 12, 1206 Genève
Kellonaika: 17.00
Hinta: ilmainen sisäänpääsy
Kulkuyhteys: Line: 21, stop Bout-Du-Monde

24.05 lauantai – 25.05 sunnuntai, Vallée de JouxNature
Mountain and Travel Book Festival Over two days, the great names in adventure, nature and the mountain world will be present to share their passion with visitors.

25.5. Sunnuntai
Nyon, Les puces de Nyon, kirpputori
Kilometrin pituinen kirpputori rantakadulla

25.5. sunnuntai
Morges, Kirpputori 8-18:00, Place de Gare, myynnissä kaikenlaista tavaraa, antiikkia

30.5. perjantai
Carouge, "Charme de Carouge"- perjantaimarkkinat

30.5 perjantai - 1.6. sunnuntai, Brocante de Lutry sur les quais 
Brocante sur les quais de Lutry - installation d'environ 50 stands de vente.
Pe 7-19.00 / la 9-20.00 / su 9-17.00

31.5. lauantai 
Annecy, markkinat klo 8:00-17:00
Antiikkimarkkinat, Vieille ville, 150 myyjää
Koru-, vaate ja huonekalu valmistajat, Place des Cordeliers
Taidemarkkinat, Vicenza laiturialueella

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